Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - 4 Episode Compilation

Episode 1 - Big Bad Barry 0:00-10:36
King Thistle wants fish for dinner, so he goes out fishing with Mr Elf, Ben and Holly on Mr Elf’s boat. Mr Elf tells them a story about the biggest, baddest fish ever - Big Bad Barry - and the King decides that they will catch Barry and eat him for supper

Episode 2 - The Royal Fairy Picnic 10:36-21:13
Holly invites Ben on the annual Royal Fairy Picnic. King Thistle hopes there won’t be a repeat of last year’s magical jelly flood…

Episode 3 - Cows 21:14-31:55
The children are at the Elf Farm, but to learn where milk comes from they must visit a Big Farm, to find cows. They travel to Lucy Big’s Farm, where she shows them all the animals

Episode 4 - The Toy Robot 31:56-42:52
Out playing in the meadow, Holly, Ben and their friends find a broken toy robot. Holly fixes it with magic, but the robot does not behave as they thought it would, and soon it is trying to clean out the whole castle.

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